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Fall Mischief 3D Kitty

Fall Mischief 3D Kitty


Now how'd that cat get into the jack o lantern!? Add this glow in the dark mischievous fall themed kitty to your collection today! 


    • Made from resin, paint, and glow powder
    • The pink and orange halves glow in the dark
    • About as tall as a nail polish bottle 

    Please see FAQ


    Due to the worker shortages, orders may take longer to reach their destinations than usual. This is out of my control. Please try to be patient.


    Pouring of orders may take one to two weeks. I aim to pack and ship orders within 4-5 business days after the order is complete. It can then take between 2-10 business days to arrive. As stated above, worker shortages can affect arrival time so be aware.

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